IP Communication to SMB's





Enterprises throughout the world are suffering the unpredictable and turbulent financial environment nowadays. They need a dependable communication system to reduce their costs and improve their productivity and operation. Zdarcom care about bringing useful unified communication systems to these customers. That helps them be more efficient in activities, more responsive to customer needs and more profitable even in times of economic instability.Many of the global companies are incorporating the value of Zdarcom products today.


Our time is advancing without a break. Education and training, stand in the frontier of every industry, confronting opportunities and challenges. They desiderate to transform to attract more splendid faculty and students.Not only the communication itself, but also any other subjects, can get rich and interactive solutions from Zdarcom. Distinctive paging & intercom features can help to connect faculty and students easily. Video calls/conferences can be a modern way for future education as well..We are happy to be the carrier for knowledge to more and more students. Universities of science, technology and information engineering in are already users of Zdarcom. Moreover, students are getting direct display and operation on  Zdarcom products in lessons.



Teamwork, is the key word to supermarkets and retail companies. Warehouses, suppliers, stores, logistics, and buyers are an impartible entirety that are working wholly.Large-scaled processing capacity, multiple locations integrating capacity, and remote collaborating ability, that are coming with Zdarcom  solutions for large companies bring unbeatable competitiveness to supermarkets and retail companies.We believe Zdarcom will help more and more of them to win!

Hospitality & Service

Outstanding guest experience and customer service, bring repeat customers and referred customers for hospitality companies. Those companies that have the highest customer loyalty are surely the most successful in service industry.Zdarcom can provide beneficial solutions for hospitality companies that can manage multiple locations and offer customer excellent staying experience. Group telephone systems, customized service, customized IVR… Besides, Zdarcom is always ready to meet customers’ constructive requests.Nowadays, there will be no surprise if you see a Zdarcom system operating in a hotel while you are travelling in Europe, Caribbean islands, South East Asia or all over the world.


Zdarcom IP PBXs are ideal for industries because they allow for the ideal communication in your premises and all your departments, regardless of the size of your premises, thanks to Zdarcom technology based on the VoIP protocolVoIP, is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also called IP Telephony since it channels voice calls and voice data through IP networks, through LANs (Local Area Networks) and the Internet.Performing as the own industry, VoIP is the trend nowadays as well as in future, despite the communication in human history has changed a lot. Swifter, clearer, more accessible are that human are always seeking for.

Small and Medium Business

More than 60% of the companies operating in the world can be classified SMEs with 50 employees or less, which is key to the long term development of any economy, therefore, Zdarcom designed an effective business communication system for the Growth of this type of organization, integrating specific functions of unified communication at low cost in order to satisfy the needs of effective communication that allow to offer its customers greater satisfaction and an immediate response, in this way,, their organization will grow and position itself as a strong company in its area of competence.


Government agencies are often tasked with balancing the need for an advanced communications system with the reality of diminishing budgets and legacy IT infrastructures. Yet, transitioning to a modern Unified Communications (UC) solution is a necessity for enabling more efficient, mobile workforce and for helping government agencies deliver public services. Zdarcom provides the solutions to these difficult problems with mobility, collaboration, and unified messaging tools that turn your agency into a modern, dynamic, and flexible workforce. Adjusting to your budget, giving the best price on the market.

their organization will grow and position itself as a strong company in its area of competence.