IP Communication to SMB's



BYOD Movility

Zdarcom is provided by BYOD (BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE) mobility, the cutting-edge technology that today enables employee executives to bring their mobile devices with them and work wherever they are


IP PBX Zdarcom records conversations that everyone makes in your company for quality control this offers a better image from the first contact with you and you can measure the productivity of your employees.

Unified Commnunication

Unified Communication is an app that allows the integration of operators and telephone users. It integrates your entire business communication system that allows all internal and external users to always be informed in real time if they are busy, online or on another call.

Video calls

Video calls from Zdarcom terminals bring you close to your customers wherever you are, promotes the confidence and security of businesses you are negotiating.

Unified Messaging

Unified messaging system or UMS is a system that provides access to e-mail, voice, and fax through a single common interface, which is usually a Email client application.

Open compatibility

IP PBX Zdarcom is certified to various brands that allow you to create an enterprise communication infrastructure with the resources you already had and avoid unnecessary costs. You can also have other functions with active devices that enrich the functions of Zdarcom.

Remote Cloud Administration

Link in the cloud. The versatility of Zdarcom IP PBXs allows you to link through the cloud. It is an infrastructure through the internet that links equipment giving the availability to handle all the services of voice and / or data in multi sites